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What Does SMTP Serve Mean?

Basically, the term SMTP stands for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol. Its basic purpose is to handle the sending, receiving and relaying of an email. In general, the common inbox providers such as Gmail have default SMTP servers, but you can alter them to the custom ones. This would route your emails via the servers that could be more beneficial, particularly if you need send more emails and ensure that it really obtains delivered into an inbox. The SMTP servers usually need some authentication in the type of a SMTP server address, username, password, ports and what protocol like TLS or SSL. If you buy SMTP server, it is also a simple way to transmit an email, but you must use an email API for more efficacies. The purpose of API is processing the requests quicker than a normal SMTP service that could be needed for those who look to transmit millions of emails.

Purpose of SMTP relay

Typically, using a SMTP relay service is one of the easiest ways to get started transmitting the emails. You can also add and confirm your domain name, select between the shared or dedicated IP address and also set up your simple mail transfer protocol server as well. However, you only want four bits of information such as the SMTP port, SMTP server host name, your username and password. You can add all these into the SMTP configuration settings of application and then you are ready to transfer an outgoing email. Based on the port you use, you can have either a SSL or a normal connection to add more security to your email.

Amazing features of SMTP service

The SMTP is an asymmetrical protocol, which means many clients are communicating with one server by using a prime model. The simple mail transfer protocol usually runs on TCP/IP and listens on port 25. Some of the amazing features of SMTP service are given below:

Servers you can dependence

The SMTP servers can transmit your emails by using safe SSL connection. In addition to, it is lightning quickly. 

Dedicated IP addresses

You can use a dedicated IP address to maximize the reputation of a sender and stop black listing of your internet protocol address; because of someone else’s performances. 

List of unsubscribers

Your mailings will not be sent to any addresses on the recipients’ list who have unsubscribed, even if they are on the mailing list. 


The simple mail transfer protocol service actually makes the sending reports as well as delivery error reports. However, the entire reports can be downloaded to your system.


For every mailing list, you can find the amount of messages sent out, number of links clicked and number of conversions made and a lot of other details.

Why should you use SMTP server?

The major reasons to use simple mail transfer protocol server are permitting you to transfer all forms of transactional emails like shipping updates, conformation emails, notifications, abandoned cart emails, etc. Thus, the SMTP server is always reliable and has a great deliverability rate as well as sender reputation.

Reasons to select simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP)

The working of simple mail transfer protocol is getting your emails in front the eyes of your audiences. The SMTP will supercharge your great amount of campaigns, marketing platform and transactional emails with leading inbox delivery of SMTP. The top reasons to select and use SMTP are including the following:

Industry prominent delivery

Over the past decades, most of the businesses depend on incomparable deliverability rates as well as reputation among the mailbox providers. 

Scalable infrastructure

Whether you are sending billions of emails per month or it is a speed of delivery that matters, the SMTP scales smoothly. 

24/7 in-house support 

The in-house support team is well experienced email delivery professionals with many years of proficiency, so you can reach on 24/7.

Is SMTP server as same as ordinary server?

Of course technically, as like several other servers, the SMTP server can process the data to send to another server. However, it has particular use of processing the data related to sending, receiving and relaying of an email. Also, the SMTP server is not essentially on machine. Hence, the SMTP is just an application that continually running in the expectation of transmitting a new email.